Effective 4R techniques for memorize The Quran

At Quran Academy, we know you want to memorize the Quran as efficiently as possible. This is why we are dedicated to providing you with the best advice and resources for doing so.

You can easily memorize the Quran by utilizing the simple technique that we have developed. We call it the 4R technique. This technique will help you memorize the Quran quickly and effectively.

4R Technique for Effective Memorize the Quran (Read, Repeat, Retain & Remember)

memorize the Quran

You can apply this technique to any verse or Surah you wish to memorize. However, you should note that in order to gain maximum benefit, it is crucial to stick to this technique for a long period of time. Quran memorization is a gradual process and requires dedicated effort over many months or years. Through this technique, your journey to Quran memorization will be a seamless effort.

Here are the four steps to this technique:

  1. Read
  2. Repeat
  3. Retain
  4. Remember

1. Read

Focus on the verse you want to memorize the Quran and read it multiple times. Read it looking inside at least six to ten times. This is to familiarise yourself with the verse and let it settle into your short term memory. Do this for every verse that you wish to memorize.

The goal at this stage is familiarity, correct Tajweed, and being able to recite it fluently. Once these goals are achieved, move on to the next step.

2. Repeat

Now take the same verse and repeat it from your memory six to ten times. Try to recite it without looking inside. If you slip a few times, don’t worry about it. It’s all part of the memorization process. Just look inside one more time, then try reciting it from your memory six times again.

Keep repeating it until you have memorized it properly. Now move on to the next verse and do the same thing again. The goal here is to commit the verse to your long term memory through constant repetition.

3. Retain

In order to retain what you have memorized, repeat it three times every morning for the next week. This will help solidify the verse in your long term memory. Set a daily revision time to revise the most recently memorized verses, and stick to revising the same verses daily for one week.

The goal here is to strengthen the verses in your long term memory and keep it there permanently.

4. Remember

The final step in this technique is to remember the verse through periodic revision. In order to remember it, schedule a date, and revise it at least a few times a week.

As your memorize the Quran increases, you will have to batch together your revision verses into groups. You can make it easier by writing out a list of Surahs or verses to revise each day. You want to reach a level where you are revising entire Juz of the Quran daily. With this technique and firm commitment, it is definitely possible, in shaa Allah.


The 4R technique requires daily effort. This is the nature of the Quran Memorization. Daily sustained effort over a few months or years is necessary in order to meet the goal of memorizing the entire Quran.

Through constant reading, repeating, retaining, and remember, you too can memorize the Quran efficiently, in shaa Allah.

Content Source Quran Academy

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